Burnertech are the combustion engineers in the UK, advancing burner technology into the 21st century.

Who are we?

We are the UK leaders in the field of modern gas burner design, development and manufacture, our strengths are:

    * High build quality of each of our units
    * Progressive research and development

For the past 5 years our impact has been increasing in Europe and the United States -  delivering a shockwave to our continental competitors.

Sample Image 

“I believe that existing gas burners are no more than copies of burners manufactured at the beginning of the 20th century. Burnertech is committed to moving combustion technology into the 21st century. My vision is to bring revolutionary new products onto the market. Let others “copy”... the way forward is in the future... not the past !”

David Bell, Managing Director

Our client base is now growing even bigger - working with each as partners, our name has become synonymous with highly reliable British manufacture and innovation.


We also provide a “second to none” installation, service and maintenance service for all our products. Our customer feedback is always positive with emphasis on the quality of our after sales service and maintenance.
Not only is this a privilege for our burner sales, but as we employ a team of skilled engineers we can offer this service to any organisation who needs an assurance of excellence.

“We’ve built-up an excellent reputation in the UK, people are trusting only Burnertech to handle their service needs”

Val Cirulis, Service Manager

Case Study

Giannoni France are a major supplier of heat exchangers within the domestic and commercial heating industries. 

In early 2008 Burnertech formed a partnership with them to produce burners specifically to perform to high standards of efficiency and reliability within their heat exchangers.

From this partnership has developed a range of burners that have been shown to work well in this and similar applications.

David Bell - M.D.