Client Case Study

Case Study 1
Falcon Food Services (UK)

In July of 2003 Burnertech was approached by customer  Falcon Foodservices to develop a burner suitable for their Infinity Fryer unit – used extensively in fast food outlets, e.g.  Burger King, KFC etc.
Working closely with Falcon a burner design was produced for the UK and US markets, to perform satisfactorily both on Natural Gas and LPG.
Not only that but Burnertech produced a manufacturing cell within its facility to fabricate, assemble and test the burner prior to supply to Falcon.
A “plug in” solution for a satisfied customer, which is still used to this day.


  Falcon "Infinity" fryer burner.

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Case Study 2
Heat Transfer Products (USA)

A partnership with American company Heat Transfer Products (HTP) in 2003 resulted in the development of a burner assembly specifically for their “Voyager” range of water heaters.

Development was done at Burnertech in conjunction with the team at HTP.

Burnertech’s manufacturing facility produced the burner for this product and the assembly plant sourced and assembled the unit, complete for shipment to the U.S.

The “Voyager” range was subsequently superceded by the “Phoenix” and the Burnertech burner assembly remains an integral part of this product range.


 "Phoenix” water heater.


Case Study 3
Giannoni (France)

Giannoni France are a major supplier of heat exchangers within the domestic and commercial heating industries.

In early 2008 Burnertech formed a partnership with them to produce burners specifically to perform to high standards of efficiency and reliability within their heat exchangers.

From this partnership has developed a range of burners that have been shown to work well in this and similar applications.


   Bespoke burners in various sizes.