Low Nox

NOx  refers to nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NOJ). NOx refers to either one of these gases, which both play a major role in the pollution to the ozone.

For this reason it was important to develop low Nox burners with the reliability and efficiency of traditional burners.

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Cleaner air is in everyone's best interest.

Our burner technologies help control emissions and solve combustion problems in coal-fired boilers.

We strive on meeting the demands & challenges of the clean air requirements of Europe and North America.

At Burnertech we our doing our part to provide the most  reliable, proven and cost-effective low Nox burners around.


Case Study

 A partnership with American company Heat Transfer Products (HTP) in 2003 resulted in the development of a burner assembly specifically for their “Voyager” range of water heaters. Development was done at Burnertech in conjunction with the team at HTP. Burnertech’s manufacturing facility produced the burner for this product and the assembly plant sourced and assembled the unit, complete for shipment to the U.S.

The “Voyager” range was subsequently superseded by the “Phoenix” and the Burnertech burner assembly remains an integral part of this product range.