Metal Fibre



A metal fibre burner is produced by blending ceramic fibres with the metal fibres and binding (sintering) the mixed metal-ceramic fibres together.

By mixing ceramic fibres with metal fibres, the cost of the burner is greatly reduced. The metal fibre construction, exhibits improved properties such as greater radiant efficiency, lower NOx emissions and increased durability.

Sample Image 

We offer a range of metal fibre tiles with high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and good shock resistance.

  • Fibre Alloy : FeCrAIM, ~25%Cr,~5%AI,~0.01%M
  • Random Distributed web sheet
  • Option of integrated with mesh, or perforated foil
  • Sintered in high vacuum furnace at over 1260 Celsius
  • Large choice of various weights and fibre thicknesses to suit applications
  • Custom designed materials available

Case Study


Giannoni France are a major supplier of heat exchangers within the domestic and commercial heating industries. 

In early 2008 Burnertech formed a partnership with them to produce burners specifically to perform to high standards of efficiency and reliability within their heat exchangers.

From this partnership has developed a range of burners that have been shown to work well in this and similar applications.