The research of boilers having higher efficiencies, together with the requirement of complying with the severe anti-pollution laws has permitted to develop the so-called PREMIX burner.

In this model the intake system enables an air/gas mixture in the optimal ratio, before it is blown inside the burner.

This permits extremely low values of the polluting exhaust emissions, so that the most severe international laws can be fulfilled.

The high efficiency and the good range of gas modulation are the other distinct advantages that this burner can offer.

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The PREMIX burner is usually installed in condensing boilers, so that higher specific heat capacities can be used (capacity per burner’s surface unit) and enabling the reduction both of the combustion chamber and, as a consequence, the size of the boiler.

This is a new burner generation which has the aim of meeting the requirements of a market niche technologically, very advanced and which is constantly growing.



Case Study

In July of 2003 Burnertech were approached by customer  Falcon Foodservices to develop a burner suitable for their Infinity Fryer unit – used extensively in fast food outlets, e.g. Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken etc.

Working closely with Falcon a burner design was produced for the UK and US markets, to perform satisfactorily  both on Natural Gas and LPG.

Not only that but Burnertech produced a manufacturing cell within its facility to fabricate, assemble and test the burner prior to supply to Falcon.

A “plug in” solution for a satisfied customer, which is still used to this day.


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