R&D Department

Assessing Your Requirements:

Initially we will establish your requirements; this may be replacement for existing products or exciting new product applications.

In a partnership with you, and using our vast experience of burner development we will ensure we will arrive at the best possible solution.

Commencing The Design:

Burnertech utilises the very latest 3D CAD technology throughout the product development process from concept to approval.

We have a concurrent approach to design and development and working closely with your design team we endeavor to produce a cost effective solution designed with manufacture in mind.

The development can be carried out in our R. & D. laboratory where experienced engineers would optimize the burner design for any specific application, or alternatively this work could be performed by your own engineers.

In each case a teamwork approach will be adopted to ensure design integrity.

Should we be chosen to perform the development for you, all aspects of combustion performance will be assessed including NOx, CO, CO2 and O2 and the design tailored to meet your requirements, or any specific industry or national standards that may be applicable.

Should reliability or extended life testing be required, this too can be undertaken.

As any prototypes are manufactured on site, changes and adjustments can be readily processed, ensuring continuity and a focus on timescales.

Burnertech has the flexibility for both small and large volume manufacture.

Our compliment of in-house equipment includes: presses, CNC sheet metal punching and profiling, welding,  measurement and testing.

Once your prototype is approved we can quickly and efficiently convert this into the finished product.

Why Burnertech?

Our strength lies in the progressive research and development we undertake.

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