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The Horizon 2020 / FTI (Fast Track to Innovation) initiativeThe Ecovapor Project

Burnertech are involved in several large new projects and a lead partner in the Ecovapor project which brings together experts across Europe to develop an innovative product.

ecovapor project - european commission

THE ECOVAPOR PROJECTcost-effective, energy-efficient.

ECOVAPOR will make steam production very cost-effective and energy-efficient (up to 95% overall since a low-priced economiser is integrated into the boiler). Smart custom-design based on specific needs for the industry it operates at different powers within a large modulation range (5-100%).

It will be an environmentally friendly alternative (only 80mgNOx/kWh emissions able to comply with the most stringent regulations) to appeal to market segments that want to foster the uptake of new steam-generating technologies to reduce energy bills, optimise energy consumption, and reduce NOx emissions.

TIC Cita


Our role in the project is to scale up our design of pre-mix burner heads utilising our patented Inverterjet® technology between 250-4500kW/h and be ready for rapid manufacturing for the full range of burner capacities.

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