FGR alternative burners

The Flat Burner Range

We supply our flat burners fully premixed or atmospheric. The mesh covering the steel base ensures good thermal protection to the burners. This helps to prevent thermal deformation of the burner thus improving the reliability and considerably prolonging the lifetime of the burner.

The burners are stable when installed in even the most aggressive environments operating at extremely high temperature.

The Burnertech perforations and Burnertech metal fibre mats are designed to give excellent flame stability whilst adhering to the strict European standard of NOx and CO emissions.

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  • Catering Equipment
  • Boilers

Flat Burner Selection

Type Model Kilowatt Rating Download Technical Datasheet
Flat Burner
Burnertech Fryer 40
Burnertech Fryer 80
Burnertech Fryer MK2
5kW to 20kW
5kW to 25kW
5kW to 35kW
Download Technical Datasheet
low nox burners for catering

Chip range: Food Manufacturer's burners

The Food Manufacturer's burners are very popular as they are very efficient. Customers have considerable savings in both cooking oil usage and running cost along with a faster cooking rate. The burner ranges from 6kW to 35kW.

Boiler Burner:

Our range of flat faced boiler burners is extensive and covers boiler outputs from 10kW to 300kW all give exceptional reliability and modulation ranges.

flat burners

metal fiber gas burners

Infrared Flat Burners

Our infrared burners are manufactured from our most resilient metal fibre so to withstand temperatures in excess of 1000c for long periods in harsh environments. Custom range burners can be up to 4 metres in length with homogeneous temperature distribution along its full length.

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom-made burners for domestic and industrial applications and appliances.