Burnertech Materials

Over the years, we have continuously developed our metal fibre and as such have numerous weights and thickness on both the product and the fibres themselves.

  • Applications:
  • Range: 20+ variations of metal fibres, approximately 10 times more options to select the perfect product than other burner manufacturers.

burner tech mat

Special application mats

Differing length and thickness to give optimum flame retention and temperature resilience/oxidation

Burnertech Mat


Special application group of metal fibres sintered with distribution sheet of high temperature foil. The material choice can give the opportunity to increase or decrease:

  • the pressure drop
  • air permeability tempor
  • tensile strength
  • porosity
  • electrical resistance
burnertech mat


Burnertech is one of the world leaders in burner technology, constantly innovating, we have technologies that are superior to our competitors.

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom-made burners for domestic and industrial applications and appliances.