low nox burners

Turning premixed combustion inside out

Our patented Inverterjet® burners have opened a new chapter in pre-mixed combustion, the revolutionary design has resulted in our partners being able to use pre-mixed low NOx burners on applications previously unsuitable for the cylindrical type burners.

The size of the burner and modulation range varies widely, hence the burners can be fitted to a wide range of application including the highest efficiency boilers and the latest generation of condensation device.

Our range of burners varies from 100mm diameter to 500mm diameter with outputs from 5kW to 2MW

  • Hi-tec burners
  • Storage water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Laundry
  • Pool heaters

Inverterjet® Selection

Type Model Kilowatt Rating Download Technical Datasheet
50 Series
Inverterjet 50/M
Inverterjet 50/HM
10kW to 50kW
5kW to 50kW
Download Technical Datasheet
90 Series
Inverterjet 90/M
Inverterjet 90/HM
18kW to 90kW
9kW to 90kW
Download Technical Datasheet
400 Series
Invertejet 400/M
Invertejet 400/HM
80kW to 400kW
40kW to 400kW
Download Technical Datasheet
1000 Series
Invertejet 1000/HM 100kW to 1000kW Download Technical Datasheet
flat burners


We design, manufacture and supply burner head or complete burner assembly depending on the need of our partners. we also supply OEM (heat exchange manufacturers) directly with our cylindrical burners.

premix burner manufacturers


This design can replace the standard forced draft gas burner to give improved modulation ranges and controlled combustion and exceptionally low NOx yet still has the forward velocity required on reverse pass heat exchangers.

World beating system!

Quiet operation and the ability to fire against chamber pressures in excess of 20mbar with modulation ranges up to 15:1.

inward firing burner

We are experienced in designing and manufacturing custom-made burners for domestic and industrial applications and appliances.